+>> The jewelry <<+

Eileen & Sam is a one-person business. Everything from finding new stones and materials, taking photos, adding them online and the making and shipping of the orders is handled by me.

Before it arrive into your hands, my jewelry is imagined, brought to life, tested, photographed and recreated for you. Each piece of jewelry is made by hand in my studio in France. I have the pleasure to work with naturally beautiful, raw and unique crystals and stones that I especially and carefully choose to use in my jewelry. I love to make unique, simple but classy and delicate jewelry that we can wear everyday and with any outfit. 

+>> The meaning <<+

My "Mister Deer" emblem is here to remind me that no matter how long and hard we worked on a project, nothing is ever final. Life will often give us the chance to regrow and start over again with every new season to make things stronger and even more beautiful.

+>> Animals & Environment <<+

I make each piece of jewelry by hand with precious materials and tools that are carefully selected with respect for the animals and the environement and none of them contain animal ingredients (ex: Recycled Silver and Gold, no raw hide mallet, no beeswax, etc...). My house as well as my studio are powered with electricty made from renewable sources (solar, wind, biogas ...).

As I'm trying to do my best to avoid waste and keep a low impact on the environment, I only use recycled, recyclable and/or reusable materials for my packaging. I ship all orders in unbleached padded enveloppes or carboard mailing boxes that come from renewable sources. Their size is choosen carefully so they fit into most mailbox, while taking as little space possible during transportation. I fill the boxes with reused box fillers, schredded advertising or anything I can recycle to keep your order safe. I pack my jewelry in handstamped recyclable kraft boxes or cotton and linen pouches and rings are always sent together in the same box unless special requests are made.

As of 2018, I'm also a proud 1% for the Planet member.

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