The Box

My box is a very limited edition offer that is not planned and come with what the season inspire me, so it is not possible to subscribe to it. It includes 1 or 2 pieces of jewelry made of your choice of Sterling Silver or 14k Gold filled and at least 5 other goodies related to "everything Eileen & Sam" and, of course, the theme I choose. All the jewelry that are included in the box are an exclusivity and are not available to purchase otherwise and/or are offered at a very discounted price. Everything that is included in the box is a surprise and is not revealed before all the boxes are received. If you're interested in getting the next one you can follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook where I announce the release of each box and give infos on how to pre-order them. 

If you missed my first box "The Moon", you can see my full unboxing in the video below :


The [Mini] box is also a limited edition but that I make in advance in secret ( :p ) and that is ready to ship as soon as I announce it. It includes 1 handmade piece of jewelry and 1 or 2 little gifts related to the theme choosen. The first one was Winter themed and included one handmade Sterling Silver Necklace, delicately marked with snowflakes and set with a faceted and natural Moonstone. A piece of raw Celestite, said to be comforting and relaxing to accompany you during these cold months of Winter and a little winter themed notepad.

See my unboxing below :


This second box was created to honor the bees, which are dear to my heart, and celebrate spring returns. You can watch my full unboxing below :

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