Stones & Jewelry Care


14k Gold Filled

I personnally wear my 14 k Gold Filled jewelry 24/7 and noticed that nothing make them shinier than soap and water. You can wear your 14k Gold Filled jewelry in your shower/bath and even in the ocean. 14k Gold Filled is pretty resistant and is made to last. I would however, avoid spraying it directly with agressive cosmetics/perfumes or other products to avoid oxydation and insure its durability. Gold filled quality is not similar to Gold plated as it has an actual thick layer of Gold permanently pressed onto an alloy and it will not tarnish, flake or rub off. Gold plating jewelry on the other hand is only made of a very thin layer of gold electrically charged on the metal base and is not subject to regulations like Gold filled and Solid gold.

Sterling Silver

Avoid wearing your Silver jewelry where it can get oxydized. I would also avoid spraying it directly with agressive cosmetics/perfumes or other products to avoid oxydation and insure its durability too. Use gentle soap and water to clean it or a jewelry cloth made for Silver.

Sterling Silver with satin finish

Polishing or getting the piece of jewelry under water for a prolonged time will remove the satin finish on the ring and will turn it into a shiny Silver, darkened details will stay dark if they are not on a smooth surface. Avoid contact with water or other piece of jewelry if you want to keep the satin finish for the longest time.

Enhydro Crystals

An enhydro is a crystal that contains liquids, with or without debris, suspended in enclosed bubbles. The bubbles can move in their chambers or stay still. The fluid is at least as old as the crystal that contains it and is most likely very pure as the crystal grew around the liquid and trapped it within forever.

Do not wear or store your enhydro crystal in extreme cold or warm conditions. The liquid could freeze/expand and break the chamber while doing it. It then would pass through the cracks and will be lost forever, leaving your crystal broken. Sudden changes of temperature is not recommended.

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