How to choose your ring

What thickness to choose for your ring ?

If you are not sure about what thickness/gauge would be perfect for your ring (s), just take into account its size and the conditions under which you will wear it every day. I currently offer 2 options, 1 and 1.2mm thick. They are both dainty and feminine.

Working with a hammer and with various heavy tools all day (and often holding many of them together in the same hand), I personally prefer thicker rings to not have to worry about what I do when I'm working.

If you do not use tools or carry heavy loads, both versions will be perfect for you. However, the thin version will require some attention in case you should lift objects of a certain weight, particularly if the load is directly placed on the ring (s) (eg: pack of water bottles, shopping bags, bodybuilding weights...).

The materials are also to be taken into account. For example, solid Gold is way harder than Gold filled and Silver and is therefore much difficult to bend whatever the thickness of the ring.

It is also important to remember that the larger the dimenssion of the ring is, the lower the hardness will be. I recommend the thicker version for sizes above EU60 / US9.

What about the size ?

Please do not choose your ring size randmomly and take the time to have your finger measured at a jeweler's shop or online for free (I also sell reusable ring sizers).

The rings are custom made to order for you and it is not always possible to resize them. In most cases, I would have to redo the ring again and this service has a cost. It is therefore best to make sure of the correct size before ordering.

Choose at least a half to a whole size up when you want to stack more than 3 rings on the same finger to avoid the "vice" effect. The more you stack rings the thighter it'll feel. You finger could swell and wearing your rings would be very uncomfortable.

Please note: based on the difference in production of ring size mandrels, ring sizes can be 1/4 to 1/2 size smaller or larger than stated.

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