Collaborations & Partnerships

I am open to any form of partnership/collaboration request as long as the work provided by both parties is equal (or paid for ;)). But I, too often, receive requests to send some of my jewelry for free in exchange for a photo posted on social networks. Even thought this kind of offer may seem interesting and a promise of some visibility, there is no guarantee of results (regardless of how many subscribers you have) and there is some facts to take into consideration before sending that kind of requests.

1 / The cost.
I work with precious and semi-precious materials that I especially choose with care. For example, I work with (at least) Sterling Silver, rough and rare stones, natural gemstones...

2 / The labor.
Each parts and components represented in my shop are not only assembled by me but entirely created by (my) hands, and each piece is tailor made.

3 / The time.
Every minute spent creating a piece that will be exchanged for a non-monetary service, is time that I will not use to work on my orders, set up my new projects, update my shop, reply to emails, manage supplies, search for new materials etc ...

4 / The number of tools needed to create a single piece and the stages of production. Example here with everything that is needed to make a gemstone ring.

Tools & Materials :
Mask against particles,
Protective glasses,
Cutting pliers,
Graduated steel mandrel,
Pliers (to pre-form the metal),
Welding board,
Flux (and its bottle),
Welding fume extraction system,
Filters for extraction system,
Soldering pick,
Third hand (base + tweezers),
Pickle and a safe container (acid bath after soldering),
Copper tongs,
Texturizing hammer,
Steel blocks (x2),
Polishing compounds,
Rotary tool,
Cotton brush,
Dust collecting system,
Filter for the system,
Protective tape (to protects the fingers against the abrasive polishing compounds),
Tumbler for final polish (with steel balls or needles),
Ring clamp,
Bezel pusher,
Gold / Silver / Gold filled,
and a beautiful natural Gemstone.

(All these tools and products unfortunately do not last forever and must be replaced/repaired/restocked regularly and for some of them, after each use.)

The making :
Measure the chosen material,
Pre-form the ring,
First acid bath,
Shape with the mallet,
Pre-adjust the size,
Solder the bezel,
Second acid bath,
Set the size,
Flatten (bis),
Harden (bis),
First polishing (Manual),
Second polishing (In the tumbler, 3 hours in total),
Last polishing by hand (with cloth) before packing.

If working together is something that interest you, please contact me so we can discuss the details. On the other hand, if you can't offer me more than one photo in exchange or my work, I'm sorry but I won't reply to these requests anymore.

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