The Moon ☾

My Limited Edition Full Moon necklaces are special pieces that I make very occasionally and whenever my love for our beautiful Moon inspire me to create a new one.

They are entirely made by hand, in Sterling Silver, and each detail requires me to use different tools. They are thicker, bigger, and so, more detailed than my made to order versions. They have a dark mate finish to give them a realistic look and the chains I use to accompany them are different and choosen to fit their caracters perfectly. 

They are all very unique, and as the craters, mount and all details are made in the moment, not two will ever be the same.

If you want to make sure you won't miss the next one, you can follow me on Instagram as I usually announce their availabilty there.

I also have, in the shop, an ever growing collection of other Moon inspired jewelry that are ready to ship or made to order.

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